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About BigFoot

” Big Foot ” is described as a powerful (2 to 3 meters in height ) , bipedal , humanoid creature with no tail, covered with dense and short fur , the color of which can be varied from black to red-haired brown ( also bright and silvery ) . It has a head like the head of a gorilla , with a low forehead and large eyes. Perhaps leads nocturnal (most often it was found in the night) . Ostensibly it seems voices and emits a strong , unpleasant odor. It is probably omnivorous . It lives in a very sparsely populated mountain forests , and most of the witnesses met him in 1958 in the mountains of northern California.

Information about the existence of a large humanoid creatures also come from South America and Asia ( Yeti ) , but it is assumed that it is a different species ( subspecies ) – ( differences in appearance ) . The most reliable evidence for the existence of such animals is a photo allegedly showing great bezogoniastą monkey, similar to pithecanthrope that in 1920, shot in Venezuela François de Loys (the monkey de Loys ) . The authenticity of this image is, however, questioned , not only skeptical , but some Cryptozoologists (including Ivan T. Sanderson and Loren Coleman ) , found that the picture shows , in fact, a spider monkey upozowanego so that you could not see the tail. Indeed, even given a name : Ameranthropoides loysi , but missing the skull , and similar creatures more not been encountered .

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